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My friends call me Red. Wonder why that is.

25th July 2014


The man I love just called me sobbing over a book I love, and I couldn’t be happier. Not that he’s in pain, but because he loved it so much.

Because that’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.

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25th July 2014

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Reblog if you’re 21+ and play animal crossing


I’m 24 and I feel so old in the fandom, I wanna know I’m not alone.

24th July 2014

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Pokemon Spectrum | by gogoatt

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23rd July 2014

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God I love bubble baths.

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23rd July 2014

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that one kink that no one can ever know about ever

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23rd July 2014

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I’ve been informed that my icon is seductive??????

This is not what I wanted if you have been seduced then please disregard everything and move.

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23rd July 2014

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Yeah, but guys, can you imagine Remus Lupin going on a premiere of Les Mis in London (1985) because he loved the book and decided to finally go out and have a bit of fun and then hearing “Empty chairs at empty tables”? Because I just did and I am not okay.

"Oh my friends, my friends forgive me
That I live and you are gone.”


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23rd July 2014


Wicked Medley - Peter Hollens and Nick Pitera

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23rd July 2014

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12:30 at night and I’m quietly singing along to Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens cover of the skyrim theme in the dovah language.

Hot damn nerd life is good.

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23rd July 2014

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ayyyy stick around for the next 40 minutes for a kwl surpriseeee 


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